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Matt Murray


After coming down with altitude sickness and food poisoning I was admitted here for 2 nights. Doctors and nurses were always there to check on me or answer questions no matter the time. Good place to be if you unfortunately happen to need medical care during your visit.

Ron Ostlund


Great place to end if you get sick climbing or treking in the himalaya

Dan Ripnar

Patient at hospital

I fell sick with sever AMS in the mountains on our way to Everest Base Camp, I was rescued by Helicopter and taken to Kathmandu airport where an ambulance from ERA was already waiting for me, they rushed me into hospital and within an hour of landing at the airport I was on a comfortable hospital bed with all of my tests complete (X-rays, ECG, Blood test etc..) . I then spent two days at ERA International Hospital surrounded by absolutely amazing staff and doctors who looked after me 24/7. The room was better than in our hotel and the food was the best hospital food I had ever eaten. The staff here are incredible and I cannot praise them and thank them enough. Absolutely fantastic experience. This is probably the best hospital experience of my life.

Jodie Ramsey


The staff and CEO of ERA Hospital are amazing! They took great care of me for several days of food poisoning after treking to EBC. And this place has the best hospital food ever!


Patient PCR

ERA staffs, since the security till the medical staffs and management, have good attitude, and hospitality. Their service is profesional and in timely manner. Era toilet is clean. Normally I use toilet cleaneliness as the standard for other area.

Kwang Thailand

I’m really impressed

Thank you for taking good care of me. I’m here alone without friends, seeing smile,sincerity ,friendship,humility,you guys are lovely both in appearance and in mind. I have never been treated aboard . I thought it would be scare , but not at all.The people here were very nice to me then I wrote to cry, anyway I with good things to Protech you both and everyone ;)

Gopal Halapeti


I was brought into the hospital with a broken ankle and the doctor and nurses quickly analyzed my situation and took x-rays etc and provided me with the details to work with my insurance and contact doctors in US for next steps for my surgery. I found the doctors and staff very knowledgeable and friendly and caring.

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