Travel Vaccination

Travel Vaccination

Providing Travel Vaccination in the Community.

ERA INTERNATIONAL HOSPITAL Pvt.Ltd located in Sorakhutee, Thamel - heart of capital city is aiming to be responsible for delivering quality and standard health services to the foreign clients and Nepali citizens in evenhanded price.

Name Of Vaccine




Hepatitis A – brand names (Havrix, Vaqta, Avaxim) or Twinrix (combined A&B)

0 and 6-12 months (2 doses)Twinrix- 0, 1 and 6 months

Not recommended. No need to check Hepatitis A antibodies.

Rapid schedule available with Twinrix, 0,7 and 21 days with booster at 1 year

Hepatitis B – Engerix, Recombivax or Twinrix (combined A&B)

0,1 and 6 months

Not currently indicated

Antibody levels do not need to be checked routinely. Rapid schedule available

Japanese Encephalitis- Live SA14-14-2 (Chengdu Institute) or vero cell vaccine (Ixiaro)

Single dose can protect for 5 years (Chengdu)

Booster in 5 years

Excellent safety profileof  live vaccine. JE vaccine recommended in the months of August-October.

Meningococcal meningitis A&C or Quadrivalent A,C,Y, W135 (Menomune)

Single doseSingle dose

Every 3-5 years or Every 5 years

A &C for residence in Nepal
Quadrivalentvaccine needed for the Hajj, parts of  Africa, or college entry into the USA

Polio vaccine

Primary series as child

Single dose as adult

Use only the injectable vaccine if not previously immunized

Rabies vaccine

0, 7 and 21 or 28 days

Booster every 10 years if risk persists

Recommended for all residents and travelers

Tetanus Toxoid (Td)

Primary series as a child

Every 10 years

 Tdap once, then Td every 10 years

Typhoid Vaccine (Typhim Vi)

Single dose

Every 2 years

Strongly recommended

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